Elevated Leadership


We believe there is no algorithm for leadership, and so, as Business Advisors we think with you about the challenges and opportunities you are facing, asking questions that will help shape your strategic direction and meet the daily demands of running a business.

Despite the title ‘Advisor’, we are not there to primarily give you advice; that is the space for consultants; we are there to challenge you with questions that help you explore the edges of your thinking.

However, we will offer our point of view and explain why we believe it.

We work hard on being non-judgemental and practicing the art of constructive disagreement. Our independence is important and something we work hard on maintaining.

There are many formats an Advisory Board an take, and one of the first things we will work with you on is designing one that is right for you, and focused on the needs you have.

In this short video, we take you through how we will work with you to achieve this.

We have chosen Advisory work after long careers as Business Leaders that have helped us to understand where value is created and lost; advisory work is our way of using our expertise to help others.

Out goal is to lift the confidence you have in decisions so that you can rest more easily and renew your energy in a better way.

We are not rainmakers who can solve all problems; but we can bring our energy, knowledge and commitment to the table and help you find ways to work towards the legacy you want to create.

Key Benefits of our Advisory Service

  1. Improved decision making
  2. Strategic Planning and Goal Setting
  3. Improved Financial Management
  4. Enhanced Marketing and Sales
  5. Heightened Accountability and Motivation